Following The Best Practices Of B2B Marketing In 2013

B2B Marketing Best Practices

If you are on the ball this year, your Business to Business (B2B) best practice marketing plan is already tabulated and in effect for 2013. With March nearly over and the end of the first quarter of the year coming up, it is time to take another look at your B2B marketing plan to make sure your projected numbers will exceed those of last year. If you have to make adjustments, now is the time to do it so that you can start making up any first quarter losses before the reports are due and the bosses upstairs take a peek. If you are smart, your B2B marketing strategy involves the following best practices for 2013, with an eye already on 2014:  

Content is King in B2B Marketing

Sales numbers in the B2B marketing world are the highest ever and they are far greater than B2C each and every year. Your website is the key to increasing your B2B marketing numbers; website orders and overall sales are moving on an upward trend that has lasted longer than a decade. Your first order of business has to be content. Website content is the ruler of the roost when it comes to buying and selling to other businesses. There are three things that your content must do in order to work for you by working for your customers. Your website content must:
    • Have a clear objective or goal
  • Focus on the customers’ need
  • Be informational content that the customer can learn from

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Goal Driven Content with a Clear Objective

Your content has to be driven by goals that are both logical and attainable. The main objective of your content is to lead the reader to a particular place and to make sense while doing so. Ultimately, that place is a purchase order from you. Meanwhile, your website’s content objectives must succeed in showing value to your customer; the reason they need your product(s) is just as important as why they need to buy from your company. Remember, interesting content that has an objective and takes the customer there in a logical, systematic process is content that sells.  

Focus Content on a Customer Need

Your content must be focused on the target audience’s needs at all times. Customer-focused content speaks directly to the customer in a way that adds value to their experience and gives them the information they were searching for when they landed on your website. Content that is focused on the customer will leave them with a feeling of satisfaction and will instill a desire within them for your products.  

Knowledgeable Content is Beneficial

Content with a clear objective that is focused on customer needs also needs to demonstrate product knowledge to a high degree. Content expertise is the third key to adding value and strength to the overall performance of your company website. Numbers show that expert content is product knowledgeable and is presented in an interesting way while focusing on the customers’ needs.  

A Tool of the Trade

For nearly every stage of your B2B marketing strategy, you will need a tool that can help optimize the key points of your business sales plan. This is especially true on an ecommerce website that deals with other businesses on a content-driven platform. When working in a B2B environment, tracking the trends of purchasing decisions is much more difficult. The Sitecore Content Management System reads specific, telltale signs provided by numerous factors. These include the individual visiting the site, the history of other websites that he or she has visited (and from whom they have already purchased), along with information that they provide themselves. Through smart tracking it knows when and where to produce content-driven information, so creating sales opportunities.   The Sitecore Content Management System reads the business visitor, obtaining clues about them by noting which part of your website they visit, how much time is spent on each page of the website, and any informational documents they may have downloaded each time they visit the website. The digital footprint provided by external service providers tell us where they have been, which social websites they frequent, and what types of purchases they have already made. Knowing this information allows the Content Management System (CMS) system to put the kind of information the visitor is looking for directly in front of them, leading them inexorably towards the purchase they will inevitably make. Sitecore’s DMS (Digital Marketing System) reads the visitor so well that it knows what their expectations are and can tell you, the website operator, when to offer dynamic material that will seal the deal.  

Social Media Marketing is a Big Part of B2B Marketing

In today’s world of Return on Investment (ROI), the less you spend to generate the highest number of sales, the better off you will be. The problem is that you need to see consecutively better results year upon year. Fortunately, website B2B marketing is one of the least expensive forms of marketing and it is also the most profitable. One way to take advantage of your online website presence is to develop a public relations strategy aimed at the type of businesses that spend money in your niche market. Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing arenas for lead generation. The benefits of being a social media-marketing strategist are extremely profitable and successful. They include:
  • Finding and seducing targeted traffic
  • Generating one-way links and increasing the possibilities for back links
  • Greatly increasing your website’s search results
  • Producing higher brand visibility
  • All of which lead to higher page rankings on the search engines


Social Media Marketing to Businesses on Social Websites

The only thing that you need to remember before engaging in social media marketing is that each social website has its own particular agenda and will need an entirely different strategy if you are to succeed. You should invest some money on a content writer who understands how to use social media effectively and will be engaging while promoting your products and services like an expert. Quality content is, was, and always will be the deciding factor, especially when it comes to social media marketing.  

Your Email Content Writing Skills Will Be Tested

Speaking of content, your email communication skills may take a workout when it comes time to interact with leads generated by your business-to-business marketing best practices. Lead generation aside, building a list of leads with whom you must communicate is another area where content must be perfect. However, your timing must be spot on. No one wants to purchase anything from a business that constantly spams his or her email inbox. Use your talents and look for communications between the two entities, including interactions on social media, to help you establish a working guideline as to the most effective time to send interesting and informative emails to your list of contacts.  

A Readiness Checklist for B2B Marketing

Ask yourself these questions to see if your tracking skills are up to the challenge of maintaining an online relationship with the businesses that have made contact (and may make purchases) from you. If you can say that you have these simple best practice marketing tactics ready for your B2B visitors then you should succeed.
  • Is your website ready to capture leads? Is it able to track those leads while they are on your website and when they leave?
  • Do you engage in email B2B marketing strategies with newsletters, how-to article downloads, and auto-responder services? Do you send your emails to the right people at the right time?
  • Are you using contemporary and interesting invitations to increase form completion rates by your website visitors?
  • How visible are you really? If you were to look on any of the social media websites, would you be easy to find? Is your blog filled with interesting and authoritative content that enhances the user experience? Is that interesting and informative blog tied to your business’ social profiles?


Lead Generation and Video Marketing Best Practices

If you think that lead generation and video marketing are different disciplines, you may be wrong. Lead generation works by luring the usually suspecting customer into a list from which they will receive information about your products and services. It works by offering an eBook (or some other item with interesting content) from behind the heavily advertised doors of an email gate on a landing page. You offer your downloadable product in exchange for sending these messages. Video advertising works by offering interesting or funny content to the customer while providing a valuable service of some kind. You use video marketing to show the world what you have to offer, all the while entertaining the viewer.  

Two Marketing Tools With One Purpose

Video Marketing and Lead Generation often work hand in hand to accomplish the same goals. They both have the same effect when used correctly, delivering lead generating value to your best practices B2B marketing. Videos often appear on the landing page that offers those free downloadable giveaways with the signup sheet for the newsletter often appearing underneath the video along with the website address. You get further with two excellent B2B marketing tools working together for a common goal.  

Having a Well Prepared Website is a Marketing Technique

It seems funny to have mentioned the business website so many times without pointing out the obvious fact that Search Engine Optimization is a B2B marketing tool that puts your website in front of your desired market and keeps it there. The key is to research which keywords and phrases are being used by the businesses searching for your products and services. Use those keywords in content that is rich in educational properties and written in a unique and exciting style to build your website in a B2B marketing-friendly way for optimum performance. Now that you know many of the New Year’s B2B marketing best practices, you have a great starting point. There are billions and billions of dollars being spent every year between businesses; even a small taste of a pie that big would be very satisfying. How many B2B marketing best practices will you come up with between today and the day those first quarter figures arrive on your desk?