Four Elements You Must Have on Your Home Page

The Four Must-Have Homepage Elements

  If we told you that a great headline, an incredible image related to your content, and a cool, teaching video were vital to your home page, you would be asleep before you reached the end of the post. You can get that information on every single article and post about the homepage elements that must be present on the first page of a website or blog. (With a static front page) Instead, we are going to skip the obvious, jump over the green vegetables, and go right for the meat. That being said, muscle your way through this important first point.  

Content… Always Element Number One

Yes, we know, you have heard it a thousand times. Content is king. It is an irrefutable fact that is hard to escape, especially when every webmaster and their brother harps on it. The thing is, content as we knew it when that phrase first went viral… has changed. If you do not change with it, you are already doomed. Fortunately, it is not a difficult change to make as long as you can set aside the narcissistic part of your personality and go reader-centric. Content marketing today… even when it doubles as social marketing… is marketing content all the way around… with one simple twist. Rather than expound on the features that make us who we are and the products people cannot live without, our content must now focus on the readers and how they can benefit. The words “how to” have become the cornerstone for every legitimate marketing effort. When you can list the reasons readers can benefit without reverting back to an advertorial rant on how great your product is, you are more than halfway there.  

Element Number Two is Navigation

Once upon a time on an internet not so far removed, our homepage was filled with every single thing we offered all crammed onto one page. We sold our products, introduced new products, ran contests and promotions, and promoted our Brand all on one page. Often, visitors had to bounce just to keep their heads from exploding. Today’s homepage is all about Brand, customer centric content, and the easiest navigation portal we can muster. We can now focus on retaining the visitor long enough to lead them to our ultimate goal pages with conversion minded content and a website that is so easy to navigate the soon to be customer will think they built it themselves. An easy to navigate website must start on the homepage and be clearly evident to the visitor. We want to continue to promote new products and run contests and promotions utilizing easy, well thought out navigation tools that lead to them there.  

Element Number Three… A Clear Call to Action

You can spend a solid year building the most beautiful, well designed, and exciting homepage that ever existed but without the clear, slightly oversized call to action button, it would be all for naught. Today’s homepage has nothing to hide. Remember the days of finding a page through a search engine only to find ten pages between you and your original search query? Forget them because those days are over. Today’s homepage lays everything on the line and shoots for the conversion with a call to action… even if that action is only to lead them to the next page.  

Element Number Four… Make it Personal

Not only should everything on your homepage be reader-centric… it should be about that particular reader, the one that is on your homepage right now, even if there are ten at the same time. How do you make it personal when each person that visits is different? It is easier than you think.
    • If you are following the “How To” content rule, your visitors are looking for an answer via a search engine query that you will provide in the content. That makes them targeted traffic that was looking for your homepage without knowing it. Each visitor has that in common.
  • From the image to the video to the content… every element on your homepage should be targeting an emotion of some kind. Touching a visitor on an emotional level creates a personal link between them and your brand.
As you have read, this post is not your common Must Have Homepage Elements post. So it should be with your homepage. If you have reader-centric content with a clear call to action on a homepage that is easy to navigate in and from and can reach your visitors on a personal level, you have the elements needed to succeed.