How to Create Killer Content for Your Website

With online competition beginning to heat up, “killer” content is arguably the only thing that can separate an awesome website from the mediocre ones. If you plan to be the big shot in your industry then you better start creating the kind of content that your target audience would love to read.   Here are some tips that can help you write attractive content that will keep your readers coming back for more.  

Brainstorm, Gather inspiration, Curate

One major mistake that you could make is to just jump into website development without proper research, planning, and analysis. Don’t write just for the sake of writing. It is essential to research, brainstorm, gather inspirations, and curate what you have gathered and then build your content from there.   You can get ideas from the things that surround you, including company events, promotions, news, and then translate the ideas that you get into killer content.   Often times, your lack of research will lead you to write on topics that have already been covered. Granted, the internet has plenty of room for your voice on the subject. But if you take the time to research, you can make sure that your voice offers new and insightful, possibly more in-depth ideas.  

Put Your Readers and Customers First.

In whatever you do for your website, always think about what your audience wants to read or know about you, your products, and your services. This will help decide the tone, structure, and strategy employed to build the content.   If your readers and target market include professionals, then conversational English should be limited to your blog while your website exudes a more professional tone in terms of content. In contrast, if your target market is more of a general population (such as women aged 18-30 years old), you will be better off writing conversational content on your website and avoiding jargon.  

 Grab Attention through Killer Headlines

Those one-liners can be the difference from a lead generated to a lost potential client. Headlines that draw attention and keep your readers’ eyes fixed are the types of headlines you want on your site. This may sound easy, but making them can be a bit tricky; headlines that seem appealing to you may look completely plain and unattractive to some people. To help your headlines standout, make sure that they possess at least 1-2 of these characteristics:  
  • Benefits
  • Numbers
  • A claim
  Quantifying the benefits that they’ll receive on your site is a superb way of getting attention. For example:  “Make Money While Clearing Out Your Closet.” The figure and the benefit of the site combined should make the right impact to your visitor. When you present a claim in your headlines, keep in mind that it is something your audience will respond to.  

Stay Focused on Your Website’s Goal and Purpose

Knowing your site’s goal and purpose is just as significant as keeping your audience first. By doing so, you will not only make killer content, you will also create relevant and substantial information.   Without a direction, your website’s content will be cluttered. Most writers can relate to this; you jump into writing once you get an idea, only to end up changing the content altogether because it does not fit the website’s brand. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than what your website deserves. Always follow your goals and make decisions based on your website’s purpose.