How to Solidify Authority within Your Niche

Understanding Page Authority

The term page authority is rapidly becoming more widely known, but many people still do not quite understand what it is. They know that they want it, but they do not know how to improve it. Read on to learn how to solidify your page authority within your niche.

What is Page Authority?

Basically, it is a measurement of how authoritative a page looks to the search engines. This is important since they want to serve up the most useful and definitive pages as the first results when someone runs a search. Fortunately, there are specific steps that you can take to improve your page authority and rise in the ranks. There are a number of factors that go into page authority, and they continue to evolve with each new algorithm release or update… Like the Hummingbird. Gone are the days when you could use black hat techniques like keyword stuffing or link buying to try to fool the search engines into thinking your page was more substantial than it really is. Now, you actually have to build pages that are authoritative in relation to the search queries they serve.

First and Foremost – Content

The first step to building authority is to provide original content that is meaningful and useful. When someone does a search on a particular word or phrase, they are looking for an answer to a specific question, whether that is general information or how to buy. They do not want to wade through pages of meaningless results trying to find what they seek. They want the search engines to give them specific and helpful results.

In order to provide that, you need unique content that solves their problem or answer their questions. Whether it is a how-to article, a reference work, or a page to buy a certain product, it needs to satisfy their request completely. By creating great content, and then using proper SEO techniques to make it visible to the search engines, you are well on your way to building authority.


Once your content is available, it is also important to publicize it. This will have two basic effects. First, by letting people know that it is available, you will generate more traffic to the page. This is another important factor in page authority. Whether it is through social media or some other means, by making the page accessible and letting people know you have the answer to their problem, you will gain popularity and authority. Social media sites are exceptional at this. By building and developing a social circle of your own, you will build an audience that is already interested in what you have to say. You can build this circle through groups you create or join, or by enticing them to join through your own website. Either way, you increase the possibility that more people will take the time to look at your page. Second, as people find your information, they will want to share it within their social circles, or link to it from their own sites and blogs. These natural links, especially from quality sites that have a good authority of their own, will help add authority to your site. People like to be helpful and appear knowledgeable, especially to their friends. By making your content easily shareable and of a high enough quality to be useful, people will naturally link to it in order to benefit their social circle. Much like the ripples in a pond, the effect can spread rapidly.

Stay Fresh

Finally, in order to keep your authority and help it grow, be sure to update and add to your content on a regular basis. Search engines like old, stable domains, but they do not like old news. Stay current and add to your domain. As you build a library of useful, unique content, people will naturally want to look back on some of your older information as well That is, as long as it is still valid. By continually showing that you are a thought leader in your niche, and by providing useful information, you will naturally grow your authority in your chosen niche. See the infographic below that describes the process of increasing page authority (By Rohit Palit): how-to-increase-the-domain-authority