Improve Your Marketing With Five Proven Techniques That Work Now

Most marketers will tell you that improvement is a waiting game. Maybe we have been in the online marketing game for so long that we have forgotten that real improvement starts with us. Maybe we have moved too far from the reality of down to earth marketing and lingered too long in the virtual. If you want to see overnight improvement in your marketing and ecommerce endeavors, take a look at these proven old school marketing techniques and realize the wonders they perform. [custom_list style=”list-1″]

  1. Where is the Interaction?
  2. Does Your Team Speak?
  3. The Consumer Friendly Press Release
  4. How Good is Search?
  5. How Encouraging are your Social Buttons?

May I Help You?

Where is the interaction? As the marketer, when was the last time you operated the chat assistance application on your website? (You do have one… right?) We believe it would do us all some good to sit in the chair every once in a while and try to remember what it was like to be the customer. The next time clients or customers click on that “Chat With Us” button, make their day and yours. Roll up those sleeves and provide some good, old-fashioned customer service. Smile, (Research shows you can literally feel a smile though a chat box 87% of the time) and be attentive. Help them to find or achieve that for which they came. After all, no one knows your website, products, prices, or services like you do. When they leave smiling, the odds are good that they will have increased your bank account dramatically and will tell a dozen of their friends about you on social media. See what a little work can do for your online marketing business?  

The Silence behind the Scenes

It is so easy to forget that the people we work with day in and day out have voices and opinions from which we could benefit immensely. Even though we do not see them except in the occasional video chat box window, they are out there every day, doing the jobs that put them in the unique position of being able to see what it is that you lack to achieve even greater success. They write content, edit, apply SEO, develop, and implement advertising strategy, and all of the other jobs that would overwhelm the already overworked marketer/webmaster. Listen to what they have to say and take advantage of what they have to offer. You may be surprised to find that they have excellent ideas from which everyone could prosper. Get together with your employees once or twice a month for a team meeting. Studies show that this type of team activity increases the productivity of the individual by making them feel like they are part of something special. Besides, they are your eyes and ears from the outside and in. If anyone would have a keen perspective of your ecommerce effort, and how to make it even more productive, it is those who hold it together.  

The Consumer Press Release

The next time you or your marketing writer or content writer drafts a Press Release, shake things up a little and gear the entire draft so that it speaks to the customer rather than the media. Highlight good things the website is doing for them and introduce a new employee. Let the individual customer know what is going on within the company and where your goals for it are heading. Share it, and have all of your employees share it on social media. If all of your Press Releases are as personable as this one will be, they will attract attention. Including your customers makes them feel like part of the team as well.  

Super Search or No Search

Is your on-site search optimized to show your customer not only the items he or she is looking for, but also the items in that category with high margins or high ROI? Does it show the most popular style of…or the best selling style of like items alongside the items requested? If your on-website search results are only showing your customer, the page, or item for which they asked, it is time to optimize your on-website search so that it also highlights the things that make money while offering value.  

Social Button Me Quick

One of the single most important buttons on your website is the social buttons. (Along with the “Pay Now” button) Those are the ones that spread the good or the bad word about your marketing website. This is why customer service and a friendly style are so highly important. Make those social engagement buttons warm and friendly. That, however, is not enough. You must also make them prominent so that when it does come to be that time, it can be done quite easily. If there are guests on your website and they are not using the social buttons then now is the perfect time for some customer service interaction using live chat. Optimize your social media marketing campaign with informative content, excellent customer service, and easy to find and use share, tweet, and like buttons.  

It Always Starts With Us

If you want to improve your marketing, try one, several, or all of these basic, yet proven and time-tested techniques. Once you have taken the steps to improve the experience for the customer and pull your team closer together, you will enjoy a great social standing and word of mouth advertising for a long time to come. Just remember one thing. Improvements must always start with your efforts and a satisfied consumer base within your niche.