Key Factors for Creating Great Content

Creating Great Content is your Key to Success

  Google’s unwavering commitment to keeping junk and irrelevant websites away from its SERPs was recently epitomized by the recent release of the Google Panda, Penguin, and the most recently – Hummingbird algorithm updates. The consistent rollouts from then on have put the SEO world in a position where the best technique for getting a good share of Panda’s attention entails going back to the basics – and churning out great content for the visitors of your website.

Microsoft Bing Search reinforces content is king at SES New York

  But the term itself is qualitative rather than quantitative in nature. How does one qualify great content? What are the dynamics of creating such? Google’s Amit Singhal has published a blog post highlighting questions internet marketers should address in order to benchmark their website’s quality with that of Google’s algorithm standards. Using Singhal’s article as a springboard, this article shall provide the key factors for diving into the creation of quality, Google-friendly and user-friendly content.  

Information Immersion & Enrichment

Creating great content entails having in-depth knowledge of the topic about which you are writing.  It is common in the SEO world to produce half-baked content using information that is just pulled out of the air and then stuffing that content with the targeted keywords to optimize. Marketers might need to bury this concept into the deep trenches of history. Internet marketers should do a diligent and religious job of immersing themselves in the niche they are in. Investing time learning the intricacies of their niche topics should serve them well in the long run. Generating content for the search engines is a dead strategy (what if Google didn’t existby Asher Elran) that serves only as a temporary fix provided it works at all.  Web marketer that read the map understand  that providing readers with quality content eventually results in quality rank within  the search engines, which is why it  is so surprising  how many companies still go after shallow content generation rather than  reader engagement.  

Be the Authority in a Chosen Niche

One of the questions Singhal suggested internet marketers should ask themselves was, “Would you trust the information presented in this article?” This simply points to the authority of the content’s author. Becoming a prominent figure within your niche is an important aspect of establishing trust in your content and not just from your readers but from Google as well.  A great way to kick-start this step is through Google Authorship. Being an authority and a figure of trust in your niche is like being a lead generating machine.  A person who writes with authority will strengthen a business’ appeal, which is something that simply cannot be faked.

Great Content Authority in You Niche

A Healthy Connection

Work on getting connected with the people within the niche you are in. For the adage, “no man is an island unto himself” is very applicable in this situation. Start engaging, interacting, and participating in your market’s community and even with your competition. While the immediate projected benefit of this step is link earning though quality content distribution, the advantages of being aware of what the people around you are doing could become a long-term gem. To paraphrase an old adage… keeping your friends close and your competition closer… is always good advice.  

Creativity & Innovation

This is closely related to the preceding point.  Once you have connected with the people in and around your niche, you have to observe what they are doing or what they have already done and look for ways to do it better. In doing this, you will often find ways to provide for your traffic the things that your competition has yet to provide. If you will pardon the plunder of yet another adage, it is always great to learn from your mistakes, but greater still to avoid them by learning from the mistakes of others.  People will always patronize something that is creatively innovative, especially when you stand on the shoulders of others to create it… and yes, that applies to search engines as well.  

Google’s Point

At the end of the day, no matter what algorithm updates are released, all Google wants to relay to the internet marketing world is this… provide content with readers and your niche audience in mind in lieu of using manipulative marketing. Stop trying to think up ways to please the search engines.  Ultimately, you will gain far more if you try to earn people’s trust with honest content bearing information about what you have to offer. This goes for the content you publish both on and off your website.