The Best Practices For 2013 That Lead To Increased Targeted Web Traffic

The single most important goal for your web-based business is to get traffic to visit your website. Without it, you may as well be blogging the blues. With Google’s new algorithm Panda giving those copycat content killers the boot out the backdoor, there has never been a better time for your content-rich website to score high in the rankings and draw in the traffic. The problem is that the rules have changed a little bit. It is time to go back to the drawing board and find out what the best practices for drawing traffic to your website are and how to implement those ideals into your web marketing strategy. What you need is targeted traffic. Here’s a little clarification:   What is the difference between traffic and targeted traffic? Anything that you can do that sends traffic to your website, regardless of how long they stay or what they do while they are there is traffic. Any visitor, on the other hand, that comes to your website looking for what you have, expecting to find what you sell, or having knowledge of what your website is about before they reach it is targeted traffic. Another way to look at it would be to send a friend to the store for food. If you do not tell them what you like, you get whatever they purchase. Send them to the donut store, and you will be dunking donuts in your coffee in no time.   Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting quality traffic that is targeted to your website. SEO works off a keyword phrase system. If someone were looking for the product or service that you sell, he or she would type a keyword or phrase into a search engine like Google. In return, they receive a list of websites that have used that keyword or keyword phrase in their content, Meta tags, Meta description, and other key places. If used correctly and in conjunction with other factors of Search Engine Optimization, your website should start seeing targeted traffic. The rest is up to your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) skills. Remember to research your keywords and phrases carefully and on a regular basis.  

Content – All Hail The New King

Another factor that is becoming more important every day is the content on your website and the blogs that point to it.   Content is quickly becoming the magic that puts you into the best position to be seen by the most people. It used to be that content did not matter as much as keyword optimization. This was abused to the point that algorithms now look more closely at content.   Good content is unique, interesting, and informative all at the same time. It has value to the person that reads it. When you read good content, you come away knowing something that you did not know beforehand. Good content is a big factor in generating traffic when combined with sensible keyword use. Your content-rich website must be interesting and fresh to the point that the reader does not want it to end and checks back often for new content. When your website and blog offers this kind of creative writing in a website filled with wonderful products or exciting services, you cannot help but see traffic.  

Linking Is Still A Vital Part Of Traffic Generation

First, any link that leads to your website is not necessarily a good one. You must take great care when choosing the websites that you want to link to and from. Always try to choose a website that either already has a better search engine ranking than your own, or one that is up and coming. Look for links that are in your niche, highlighting like products. One example of an excellent link website is one that compliments what you feature. If you sell shoes, for instance, a website that sells socks will have a better chance of sending you traffic than one that sells alligator clips.   A back link is unique in that it is like a deference, or tip of the hat, if you will. For instance, if you were writing an article to help people better understand the importance of search engine optimization for the local market, you could quote a reliable source that really knows about web marketing solutions that drive results in the local market creating a back link. Here is an example of a successful back link.
  • Of people who used to rely on the yellow pages and newspaper ads to find local products or find professional services, an eyeopening 97% now search the internet locally. (
  This is one just one of the many benefits of guest blogging and why it is important to to post in various legitimate forums. Building back links builds website traffic. Back links also help to index your website on the search engines, as the web crawlers will do this for you once they have followed a back link to or from your website. It is a win/win situation.  

Be Social, But Be Cautiously Social

Social Media is the new rising star of the web marketing tools in your traffic generating toolbox. With social websites growing in leaps and bounds, you would be crazy not to take advantage of some of the exposure they offer. This is especially true on the heels of Pinterest, the social networking club’s newest and brightest member surpassing Yahoo in website referrals.   Sharing content over the social media network as well as advertising your website are two of the strategies that you cannot afford to skip. However, you must be careful to treat each social media website like the individual entity that it is, and know that one strategy will not work on any two. Follow this advice and embrace social media for what it is and not what you want it to be, otherwise, you may make the mistake of missing all of the benefits these sites can provide.   Take a time out. Stop and consider each of the individual social networking website’s personality; each one has its own unique attributes. Facebook is a good example, it is a place where people come to know one another on a personal level by sharing their likes and even their dislikes and by voicing their opinions on the kind of topics that would be taboo anywhere else.   MySpace is all about the younger generation and the music that the site provides. Some businesses would do well here, but not all. If you sell Depends Underwear, you might want to steer clear because no amount of rock and roll will make you sexy.   LinkedIn is filled with professionals who want to boost their careers and ride on the stars of their networks. This is a great place to make the kind of contacts that can promote your website and carry your message across a vast network of industries and professions. They have point-driven forums in which great and haughty debates take place on the higher levels of intelligent whim. In short, it is the perfect place to voice an opinion that is eye opening and informative, all the while agreeing with the majority of contributors. Who says brown nosing for traffic is a bad thing?   The point is that each of these social websites has its own identity and no one strategy is going to serve you well. Take each one at face value and imagine how high or low you can fly as you carefully incorporate yourself within the ranks of each. By doing this, you will eventually reach the greatest amount of people.  

Blogging – Guest Blogging – Blog Commenting And Forums

Tie your website to a blog that is all about your website, products, or services that you provide. Having an internet presence with both an ecommerce website and a blog is a powerful combination that the search engines cannot ignore, as long as you provide focused and engaging content on a regular basis. Guest blogging is another way to draw attention to your web presence while making powerful link connections that the search engines love. All you have to invest is a little time to write an entertaining blog post with a short resource paragraph at the end. For blogs in which you do not guest post, comment on the more popular posts, making sure you have something meaningful to add.   While you are at it, look for popular forums in which you can join a conversation. Look for those that allow a link and short sentence or two about who you are. Once you find a popular forum that you can relate to, look for the threads that have attracted a lot of interest with plenty of debate and post your opinion in an interesting way. Try to see an angle that no one else has thought of or play devil’s advocate to increase attention to your post.  

Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

You simply cannot go wrong with a series of videos about the products and services that you offer. Use your great sense of humor or find a topic that relates to your website content that people would be interested in hearing. Teach people how to use products that are unusual or difficult to use. Make a parody of something related to your industry. Do whatever it takes to draw attention to your website link and begin generating the kind of traffic that wants to be there. Targeted traffic, the visitors who are already half way to conversion, is the best kind of traffic to have if you want to see your success explode.  

The Unstoppable Force That Finds No Unmovable Object

While all of these methods of generating traffic work really well by themselves, when you combine them into one campaign of forward momentum you have the kind of strategy that simply cannot fail. Now grab yourself by the bootstraps and get out there; you have your work cut out for you if you want to get that targeted traffic rolling in.