Academic Search Integration is Coming to Bing and Cortanna

Cortanna & Bing Will Soon Include New Academic Search Integration

Microsoft just announced starting this Fall, Cortanna, which is Microsoft’s version of Siri, will be getting advanced academic search integration. Search Engine Land reported, “Adding a blow to Google, Microsoft added that “instead of treating scholarly information as a separate search engine – as competitors,” clearly implying Google here. Microsoft Bing will make the academic data as “a first-class citizen in Bing search results.” Integrated data/search is next on the list for the Bing Search Engine. Cortanna is Microsoft’s version of the next level personal assistant technology that can provide information without the traditional search queries.

cortannaPhoto Credit: Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Technology and Research, Harry Schum, made the announcement at a recent Faculty Summit. At the forefront of the discussion was the Cortana Notebook which features a more tailored approach based on user interests and gives users more control over what they want to be tracked. It will definitely be interesting to see how the new features measure up to it’s competitors. Watch the details of the keynote conversation from SMX 2014.