Google bids Farewell to Exact Match Results on Adwords

[Read the original article on Search Engine Land] Anyone who manages an Adwords campaign is surely aware of the importance of the Exact Match parameter; it gives us more control over our ads, budget, and overall management of the campaign. However, Google has decided that as of September this option won’t be available anymore, and close variants will have to suffice. Though a great option in itself, making it the only option is somewhat disturbing.

The close variants option is highly used today, and is meant to enable us to reach users who don’t necessarily type search phrase or keywords correctly or exactly as we defined them. For instance, an ad targeting the phrase “baby clothes” may appear even if a user typed “baby clothing” or “baby cloths” into the search box. Adwords Keyword Exact Match However, the close variant doesn’t always work in our favor, since it will sometimes cause our ad to appear on results pages for similarly written search phrases that are, in fact, very different in meaning. For instance, if someone searches for “best cardio”, he/she is probably looking for effective cardio exercises, and stumble on an ad for “the best cardio surgeon”.   Thus, the problem with the anticipated change is that we can no longer cancel this option, and we will no longer be able to define which exact phrases should trigger the appearance of our ad. On several niches where click rates are very high (e.g. poker, plastic surgery) and where every click costs between $70-$140, this shift carries significant financial repercussions. It could mean the difference between a profitable campaign and a losing campaign.  

Penguin Update to take Place this Week?

The Penguin update causes one of the harshest penalties doled out by Google, addressing unnatural links. Most websites affected by the Penguin update never recover, causing much criticism towards Google, which wasn’t met with reconsideration. Ten months have elapsed since the last Penguin update, and many are eagerly awaiting the next one. Google’s John Muller hinted, perhaps intentionally, that Google’s engineers are working hard on such an update but that “it won’t happen today”. What do you think, will it happen tomorrow? Will it happen later this week? It can’t be too far away. Many website owners affected are keeping their fingers crossed that once the algorithm is updated, their efforts will pay off and they’ll finally be taken off Google’s blacklist. On the other hand, many website owners whose sites evaded penalty on previous Penguin scans are hoping that the update does not affect them negatively. With Penguin on the horizon, good luck to everyone!