Head of Google’s Spam Team Matt Cutts taking Prolonged Leave

Google’s Matt Cutts Taking an Unlimited Leave

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s spam team and the man most recognized within the SEO community, announced this week he’d be taking an unlimited leave from his position. One of the reasons he cited for the decision was that a promise he made his wife to move to a more lenient position after 4-5 years of work… which was about 15 years ago. Cutts is one of the most influential figures at Google, and he served as the face of the brand in different conventions and social media platforms. It is still unknown as to who will replace him. [Click to read the original article on Search Engine Land] mc1

Can You Name the Common Social Media Mistakes we all Make?

A Washington based marketing consultant posted the following question on LinkedIn: “what are the biggest mistakes that you find small-business leaders make when using social media?” 97 people responded to her post, and she narrowed down the responses to the top 16 most common mistakes. Here’s a partial list:
    • “Thinking it’s a sprint instead of a marathon”
  • “Too much time spent on self-promotion”
  • “Not responding to customers”
We strongly recommend you take a look at the original article published on Business Insider, where you can find all the common mistakes cited. If you’re interested in further reading, take a look at this this post I published recently on Firepole Marketing.    

Owner of Mahalo Accuses Matt Cutts of Ruining Business

dfds1 Jason Calacanis, angel investor and owner of website Mahalo is angry at Matt Cutts and directly accuses him of ruining his business. According to Calacanis, his website was hurt by the most recent (unjust) Panda update, and is now in ruins. According to reports, at the height of its popularity Mahalo reached around 15 million unique visits per month and was ranked among the top 150 leading sites in the United States. Calacanis has said that Cutts is directly responsible for the layoff of 80 employees, whilst Google employees enjoy gourmet meals everyday. Calacanis also expressed interest in seeking revenge. [Read the original article on Search Engine Roundtable]