New Data Revealed about Mobile, Social and Search Results

RKG quarter-annual reports about digital marketing released recently reveal a few interesting pieces of data. According to the reports, the overall volume of mobile traffic amounts to 34% of all traffic, a 3% increase compared to the previous quarter and an impressive figure in itself. 11 Another interesting piece of information revealed has to do with search privacy. As we all know, in the past we were able to view all traffic paths to our website, including keywords in which it originated. Thanks to this, we were able to plan and modify our SEO strategy. Following Google’s shift to secure search as part of their effort to ‘protect user privacy’ (effectively, they do release keyword data to AdWords users, a practice they’ve been criticized for), it’s no longer possible to retrieve full keyword analysis. Moreover, over the past two years, we’ve seen a significant decrease in the amount of public keywords, and instead we’ve seen more keywords show up under the category “Not Provided”. According to this report, we’re currently at 90% “Not Provided” keywords, meaning only 10% of keywords are visible to us as website owners. The final piece of information has to do with social networks. Traffic originating from social networks stands at 1.6% on average, but 42% of this traffic is from mobile devices. This fact further emphasizes the importance of mobile adaptivity and readability as an inseparable part of any marketing communication strategy. [Read the original article on Search Engine Watch]