New Research Shows: Facebook Posts Receive More Engagement During Weekends and Evenings

Facebook Engagement is Higher on Weekends and Evenings, According to New Research

A new research study which examined approximately 5,000 pages and over 1.6 million posts found numerous conclusions which may surprise you. Contrary to popular belief, marketing activities held midweek don’t yield the maximal level of engagement (number of interactions per post). This research showed that despite the majority of businesses conducting marketing activities during the workweek and working hours, the level of engagement measured was actually 25% higher on weekends. However, don’t be quick to shift your marketing focus altogether; another conclusion reached emphasized the importance of ads’ scheduling hours. Work hours were found to yield lower engagement, compared to the afternoon hours and all the way up to 1 AM. Currently, Facebook’s “insights” tool offers page managers information regarding their audience’s hours of activity, but this research showed that even though an audience may be connected to Facebook, for instance, on Monday at noon, posts seen by this audience at this time will receive significantly less interaction than posts published after working hours. [Read the full article on – Search Engine Watch]   grph

Google Announces the Addition of ‘More Information’ Box on Reconsideration Requests

Just last week I published an article on manual penalty removal, where I described the interesting case of one of our clients, who had received a manual penalty and whose reconsideration requests were rejected over and over again without proper explanation. In the article, I raised the question of whether or not Google was unfairly using SEO professionals to ‘clean up’ the internet, given that reconsideration requests seemed to be approved or denied inconsistently, making the entire process essentially a shot in the dark. Perhaps my article inspired Google’s Matt Cutts, because this week he announced that despite Google providing examples of bad links in order to understand the lacking areas in reconsideration requests, they intend to implement a text fields soon through which Google employees who examine these requests can communicate with site owners. In these text fields, Google’s spam team professionals will be able to denote specific reasons and concrete recommendations for site owners.  

Google will Add New Attributes to Product Feed on September 30’th

If you frequently use Google Shopping to advertise products, then Google’s got some news: coming soon, you’ll be able to define a list of attributes that’ll enable you to designate a landing page for users on their smartphone, thereby enabling a smooth mobile shopping experience previously unavailable when using this tool.   Further updates that are slated to launch in late September:
  • Bundle Suggestions including a number of complementary products in a single transaction. For instance, an iPad, a cover and a keyboard could be sold together using a special marking.
  • Inventory will be presented and updated conveniently.
  Find the full list of attributes to be added here.  Click here for the full list of updates you’ll need to install no later than Sept 30.