The Significance of Groupon’s Local Business Pages

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A little over a week ago, Groupon announced a new option for opening business pages on its site. These pages will enable businesses to manage their online presence by adding images, client testimonials or special offers for Groupon customers, such as Happy Hours, nighttime specials, loyalty clubs, discounted bundles and more. Moreover, the clients can leave immediate feedback on the business page, and even interact with the company by requesting a ‘deal’. This last option may be Groupon’s response to critics who believe it led to an inflation in the coupons market, and subjected businesses to unfair pressure.


Though Groupon has launched an inconceivable 7,000,000 business pages, originating in a simple 5-city pilot, it wouldn’t disclose the exact number of business pages that were verified and transferred to the control of the business owners. Either way, it seems Groupon has two main objectives in creating these pages: firstly, increasing its presence in Google search results, particularly in local listings (after all, these business pages are sure to add considerable content to the website), and effectively turn Groupon into a local search listing in itself that also presents thorough information about the company to users (similar to Yelp).


The second objective is to generate leads from small business owners, whether by securing Groupon deals and other services (such as reputation management), or by suggesting they acquire a subscription to unlock special features, such as mobile responsiveness, and acquisition via its stations (Gnome).