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Five Cutting Edge Tactics To Sharpen Your Advertising Campaign Sword

Steps To Optimize Advertising Campaign

One frequently asked question is how to optimize an advertising strategy. My normal answer is… Shoot half as high and try twice as hard; that should do the trick. Of course, I then explain that advertising is not just a problem for small businesses, even the big boys get the advertising blues every once in a while. Here are our five cutting-edge tips to sharpen your advertising sword: [custom_list style=”list-1″]
  1. Socialize your Ad Campaign
  2. Know your Target
  3. Lead Capture Promotions
  4. Use your Content Writer’s Resource Box
  5. Measure and Test Everywhere

How Do You Like Our Ad?

Time zones and busy schedules put your friends online at different times of the day and night. One share on Facebook simply will not work. It has been proven repeatedly that you can never catch all  of your friends, family, and associates on any social network all at one time and this especially applies to Facebook. Sharing your ad campaign details on social websites earns valuable clicks that can help you gain momentum and recognition, but only if people actually see it. Share three or more times over 24 hours to saturate your lists. Make the social websites work for you!


Draw an Advertising Bull’s-eye with Research

I can tell you right now that you simply cannot sell a tweed sweater to a biker. Nor are you like to sell a Harley to a nerd. So why target them and waste all of that valuable effort? When you know who your target is specifically, you can target them by placing your ad in the places they would be, like kitty chow ads in a cat lover’s forum.

advertising bulls eye

Focus Your Lead Generation Tactics

Lead capture advertising is the bomb because you can really draw a great bull’s-eye with it if you offer a promotion. Are you selling thesauruses and dictionaries? Your promotion could be an eBook on “Learning Basic English” or “Tips and Tricks for Content Writing.” If you are selling kitty chow, a good mixture of research and content gives you the ebook, “Understanding the 42 Sure-Fire Things Your Cat is Thinking Right Now!” When you target your lead generation within your ad campaign by offering a free promotional gift, such as a cat ebook to animal loving groups on social media, the sales come to you.


Get Your Content Out There to Attract a Crowd

Most small businesses have already caught on to the fact that you must have at least one good content writer on staff. The responsible ones are a bit hard to find, at first, but they are out there. Put yours to good use by blogging, guest blogging, and article writing anywhere that gives the resource box to the author, who can then populate it with a short bio and links that lead directly to your ad campaign. This should be started early in your campaign to cover as many blogs and article submission websites as possible, with content targeted to the advertised product or the lead generation giveaway page.


Use Free Tools

You know all of those amazing analytic tools that Google offers; you have to use them even if you hate to do it. Nothing will optimize your campaign pages and sales script like running through a barrage of scans and tests that show you how to optimize them. This is especially true for ads on social networks. No one really knows how those will perform so test, test, and test some more. The perfect ad campaign has no broken links or misdirection.


The Fab Five of Ad Campaigns

Once you have gone through the usual rigors of setting up and running an advertising campaign, run these five optimizing tricks through and see if your advertising sword needs further sharpening. These five tricks usually help you turn the corner to a successful campaign, however; if your PPC campaign/s is so far out of control that you cannot keep up with spending, it may be time to talk to an expert. Regardless of how far out of control your campaigns are… professional guidance can still turn your efforts around and get your budget back under control.