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Five Reasons You Should Be Promoting Your Products With Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Campaigns: A Better Way to Promote Your Products

Recently Adwords introduced shopping campaigns as an option to offer “a better way to promote your products”. These campaigns not only eliminate keyword focused text ads, but they also eliminate going back and forth between different feeds and take out the hassle of digging up pertinent data for each of your products (among many other advantages). Pay Per Click is evolving to keep up with prospective buyer needs and are centered around the popularity of mobile. The mindset is now “get what you are looking for and get out”. If a website can’t provide that instantaneously, then we simply move to the next. If you have been hesitating on whether or not you are ready to upgrade, check out some of the great features and benefits, and decide for yourself.  

Circles with Numbers oneProduct groups

By now we all know product listing ads consist of image, title, description, and business information. Product Groups allow for custom categorization of products and you can even create different campaigns for each type of product. For instance, if you sell women’s handbags, you are able to view and organize each particular style for different campaigns. Your existing product categories are already utilized, however, you are required to pick the subcategories which include the following: [custom_list]
  • Brand
  • Item ID
  • Condition
  • Product type
  • 5 custom labels

Circles with Numbers 2In-depth performance

For the larger retailers that offer a multitude of different brands of products, you can also see how each particular style and brand of a product is performing. Benchmarking data, impression share, and bid simulator are just a few of the featured tools at your disposal. Benchmarking data allows you to see how your PLA’s compare and it also gives you the option to adjust these ads. Impression share helps show the areas where you may be lacking in optimizing the number of impressions you are receiving. The bid simulator tool will offer individual pricing recommendations for your ads to boost performance. See how competitor’s ads are performing for specific products and get a leg up.  

Circles with Numbers 3Simple advertising

Since shopping campaigns require you to link your current Adwords account with your Google merchant circle account, there are some added features for doing this. Your campaigns will include all of your listed products from merchant circle automatically. By default, all products are targeted, so you don’t have to think about the previous process where you had to focus on keywords and text ads. This also allows for quick and easy promotional ad setup for specific products. If you only want to run a special ad for a specific brand and type of product, you are able to it with ease. Simply choose your settings, products, brand, set your conditions, and advertise away. Here’s an example of what these ads look like for shoppers on Google Shopping. fishbowl  

Circles with Numbers 4Local targeting

If you are looking to have your products show in an actual store location, you first must have your local products feed setup. If you have that, you can then show specific products in local stores and for different locations, or search exclusively for online products only. The old way of adding keywords to expand your ad visibility has now essentially flipped to the opposite process. Now, everything (all products) is being targeted until you narrow it down to specific categories and sub categories, which makes perfect sense for marketers.  

Circles with Numbers 5Higher click through rates

Unlike the text only ads, the shopping campaign ads feature rich images and an overall better user experience. Thus, translating into many advertisers seeing a higher click through rate. This is huge for the e-commerce world. These ads also take shoppers directly to your page, giving shopping campaigns a more targeted approach. The days of only getting clicks or traffic for specific keywords are coming to an end.   If you still have the old PLA style, Google is offering to convert and provide resources for upgrading your account. Setup for shopping campaigns is recommended to be first by brand, then divided into product types. This is because Google takes the highest priority bids and when you have two different campaigns and product groups it can become challenging to keep track of all the bids that were placed, especially for the large-scale retailers. If you are ready to make the transition, first thing’s first: you need to merge your Adwords and Google Merchant accounts. To learn more about the setup process and how to create a shopping campaign check out this video..