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How To Avoid A Runaway Pay Per Click Campaign Before It Derails You

Rescue your PPC Budget

Pay Per Click marketing is designed to produce amazing results and can do just that if it is handled correctly. PPC campaigns require a hawk’s eye view on spending, smart SEO, and a sprinkling of common sense. It is unfortunate for many people that no one really explained to them exactly what they were getting into and how quickly a PPC marketing campaign can spiral out of control.   It does go to show just how serious internet marketing can be in all of its forms. It is not something to be taken lightly. If not taken seriously, it can result in the kind of “caught me napping” outcome that you put into it, or you could be crushed by a runaway money train without breaks and with no Wesley Snipes or Denzel Washington to divert the impending disaster. The outcome is up to the marketer. The thing is, with a Pay Per Click campaign, it is not always so easy to hear the rumble and see the smoke of the train that is about to hit you. Very often, these common mistakes are the ones that blindside even the most wary of marketers. [custom_frame_left] bad ppc management [/custom_frame_left]   There are ways to avoid these  train wreck results, and steps that you can take to get back on track. Pull out your favorite note taking pen and jot down these few words of advice on How To Avoid The Runaway Pay Per Click Campaign Before It Derails You.  

Unqualified Traffic and Enhanced Campaigns

One of the most common mistakes that can absolutely crush your budget is missing the opportunity to qualify or target a specific area. When your campaign is suddenly paying to have clicks from over half of the North American Continent it can add up really fast. When you couple the already-complicated Geo-Targeting with the new modified location bids of the Enhanced Campaigns upgrade, you can have a real big mess in a real big hurry if you are not accurate with your targeting. There are no brakes on the planet strong enough to pull you out of that tailspin.  

The Solution Better Be Habit Forming

One thing that you can do before you go live is to check the campaign settings as they go into the engine. Mapping out your strategy and then getting a second opinion is always a good idea.  The Enhanced Campaigns have a whole new block of localized level setting to look at. Many people are currently overlooking this feature, and the reason is obvious; we are creatures of habit. Using every tool available to us is one habit at which we had better become proficient. Once you go live, scrutinize everything for anomalies. You never know what you  might find, so this is another good habit to form.  

The Zero Effect– A PPC Nightmare

It can be difficult to deal with the following situation… you spend an entire week agonizing over the next campaign’s budget only to have it ruined by an extra zero. Yet this happens from time to time, especially after  having stared at the numbers for five days. Budgeting new campaigns is easy if you are fresh and alert. This is a common mistake usually made with zeros and always one extra zero or more rather than one less.  

The Solution: Stay Alert

Managing a marketing campaign and being tired and grouchy is not conducive to each other. An extra zero can make a $6oo campaign a $6,000 mistake and if you are not the man in charge, you might want to take a vacation before he or she finds out.  

The Yawn Effect

The number one mistake made by PPC marketers usually occurs a few months after start-up. Boring, unimaginative ads just do not perform very well. If you are not checking your ads to be sure they are unique and not putting your potential customer base to sleep, you are fighting a losing battle before the war has even begun. 

The Solution: Use A Fresh Perspective

Take your ad copy and run it by a pair of fresh eyes every once in a while to make sure you are not losing perspective on what is unique and what is not. If you have someone like a willing family member who can sit down and give an honest opinion of what is relevant to them in your ads, you stand a much better chance of putting up fresh, exciting ads where they can do the most good.  

A Final Word On PPC

Your Pay Per Click Marketing endeavors are designed to pay off over a period of adjustment time and managing them can become a routine rather than the means to an end. It is important to maintain a high level of focus during the entire campaign of each set regardless of whether you have a dozen or three hundred keyword rich ads going at one time. Mistakes are inevitable even by wise and experienced veterans of the game. It is not in whether the mistakes will be made… it is in how you recover from them and move forward that make your efforts worthwhile in the end. If PPC were easy, it would not pay as well when done correctly.