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How to increase PPC quality score

Increase PPC Quality Score – strategy

Your ad campaigns quality scores are a very important metric in determining the cost and effectiveness of your PPC campaign. The quality score ranks your ad campaign on a number of factors and is intended to reflect the effectiveness and relevancy of your PPC strategy. Increasing quality score has been the aim of advertisers and SEO’s for many years and has been something of a hit or miss endeavor. Google has recently added some new analytical tools to Adwords that help provide some transparency to how quality scores are generated, giving advertisers insight into how to improve them. Learn the basics of PPC.

Three New Tools to Measure PPC Quality

There are three new tools in you Adwords account that can be accessed by hovering over your keywords. These are Expected Click Through Rate, Ad Relevance and Landing Page Effectiveness. The metrics are displayed in a text bubble and are scored as below average, average or above average. The tools are not end-all solutions for advertisers but do provide some transparency into how the score is generated, making it easier than ever to track any roadblocks on the user-to-buyer highway. Remember to keep in mind when making any changes to your PPC strategy that the quality score is a long term metric that can take time to affect.

Expected Click Through Rate (CTR)

This metric targets key word effectiveness and predicts how likely it is for your key word to result in a click. This is different than your actual click through rate as it is a prediction of expected performance on your site or any related site using the same keyword. A below average score could mean that you are targeting the wrong key words in your campaign and should look for more effective ad copy.

Ad Relevance

This metric compares the effectiveness of your ad campaign compared to others in the same category. A low score in this metric could indicate poor ad quality or irrelevant content. Check your copy and test new copy. It may also be helpful to familiarize yourself with your competitors ads and how they are meeting the needs of their customers.

Landing Page Experience

This measures how useful to users your landing page is. Is your message clear to users? Does it contain relevant and timely information? Is the page well designed and easy to use? These factors all affect the end user experience and your overall conversion rate. This tool can help pinpoint which landing pages are most effective in your ad campaign. Having a landing page specific for each keyword is a good way to improve your landing page experience.