PPC Management

How to Quickly Optimize a PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign Optimization

PPC stands for Pay Per Click advertising, a commonly used strategy used to refer to paid advertising on Google and other websites. Unfortunately, when improper methods are put into place, the very concept of PPC can be detrimental to your internet advertising campaign. There are many ways to improve a company’s PPC campaign management, and in doing so, one must understand the all aspects of this system. Two important features that stand out are the use of negative keywords and the use and implementation of the dimensions tab.  

Negative Keywords

What many people struggle to understand is that as much as it is important to involve keywords in an advertising campaign, it is just as important to include negative keywords. This is so that Google knows when to release your ad, and when not to release it. For example, if a company is selling footballs, a negative keyword may be “football stadiums.” This company would select this as a negative keyword so their advertisements would not show up for this specific search term.   [custom_frame_left] negative keyword ppc [custom_frame_left] An important thing to remember is that negative keywords will only be able to work for the first 10 words of the search. If a negative keyword happens to occur in the 11th word or beyond, this service will not have any effect. It is also important to make sure you use your negative keywords correctly. If negative keywords are used too often, the ads may not be seen by enough people. Conversely, if they are used too infrequently, your ads may be seen by too many people who are not in your targeted audience.  

Dimension Tab

The Dimension tab is probably the most analytical feature provided by Google when it comes to your PPC campaign management. The Dimensions Tab allows a person to view statistics for various times of the day, dates, geographic locations, and even which external websites are generating clicks and visits. This feature can help you divide your effort in ways that reflect these parameters. The Dimensions Tab provides the necessary information for making knowledgeable marketing decisions. [custom_frame_left] dimension tab ppc [custom_frame_left] This tab works very well when synchronized with the date range tab. Under the date range tab, one can find data and statistics for any period of time they select. Unlike the Dimension tab, they are able to download this information and for a better view of when advertisements are working. Both of these features are integral parts in PPC campaign management, and important to building a proper PPC advertising campaign. There are many resources that work with Google Adwords to help you reach the best results possible in the most efficient way. These, as well as many other applications, have been developed to improve your PPC campaign management.