PPC Management

Managing an Effective PPC Campaign: Tools and Resources

When it comes to PPC Campaign Management, having the right tools and resources are key to constructing a profitable advertisement. With many resources and different PPC campaigns it is important to know which tools are best for which services.


Spyfu.com is an agency that works directly with Adwords and helps to build SEO presence. This company uses its expertise in these fields to generate the best results for their clients. Between applying PPC campaign management knowledge and SEO resources, they make for a productive internet marketing tool.


The Wordstream team is proud to help its clients with time-conscious PPC campaign management layouts; Wordstream works to fine-tune PPC campaigns. While providing you with plentiful information to lessen your time invested in marketing activity, and with the strategy to increase your visibility without raising bids, it is their goal to be both time and cost efficient.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

While this tool is specific to Google Adwords, this is a site that makes up for almost two thirds of searches in the U.S. and Canada alone. Keywords are what you use to distinguish yourself from competition and to help drive traffic to your site. This service helps to identify which keywords will work best directly with your Adwords Campaign.

Adwords Desktop Editor

Adwords editor is a free application that was created to help manage multiple PPC campaigns and work as a general PPC campaign management system. With this software businesses can make bulk changes to their campaigns, circulate proposed changes, and get feedback from various users which can improve navigation for users around their account.


SearchMonitor.com is a website built to provide small businesses with the reports necessary to make informed PPC management decisions. These reports can shine a light on market share, average ranking, keyword coverage and much more. With information on these fields, better strategic decisions can be made and more informed decisions can be carried through.


Like Wordstream, Kenshoo.com aims for efficiency. With the various tools they offer, the make sure to incorporate retargeting tactics, real time campaigns, and the integration of an SEO system that allows you to view data side by side. The services offered by Kenshoo help their users obtain insight into various consumer behaviors. As a result, the use of this site would ensure valuable marketing knowledge for further endeavors both on and offline.

Adwords Express

This innovative technology has brought PPC on the go. The main priority of Adwords Express is to take the Google Adwords system and help businesses create advertisements right on their smartphones. With Adwords Express, businesses can include their phone number and a call button directly on the ad. Adwords Express also allows businesses to create an ad with nothing more than a Google+ group, not even a website. This aspect entices growing businesses to place advertisements just as they are in their beginning stages.