Backlinks, Are You Kidding?!

A Genuine Internet Marketing Service is Not All about Backlinks

While there is no doubt that obtaining high quality inbound links to your website can have a great effect on your traffic and rankings, it should not be the only focus of the internet marketing service you hire. It should not even be the primary focus! Internet marketing is not all about backlinks. Gone are the days that this method was effective; In fact, it was even a joke 3-5 years ago. Most webmasters and certainly all credible Internet Marketing firms should know that it is unethical to use backlink building services or other underhanded means of building links. The best links to have are those that are earned though original and interesting content that attracts the attention of websites and social media users looking for an honest relationship with your website. Outreach campaigns are perfectly okay but should be executed in effort to create genuine mutual business connection no to manipulate PR socre or ranking on the SERP. 

Linking Schemes

In the past, many unscrupulous Internet Marketing services focused almost exclusively on various linking schemes. Working from the premise that every link to one of your pages was a positive vote for you, they would spam blogs, build pyramid linking schemes and buy links in order to obtain a higher ranking. However, the search engines are on to these schemes and Black Hat link building will not only result in a penalty, they could very well cause your website to be banned from the search engines all together.  At the very least, your website will be flagged, costing you potential customers now and well into the future. A single quality link from a highly regarded website within your niche, one with a good, honestly acquired rank and great Domain Authority is worth more than a thousand unrelated and low quality links.  More often than not, these links will come naturally – as long as you have useful, informative content on your website. One suggestion Dynamic Search always makes to its customers is to have a blog on their website. It is a great way to increase the amount of interesting content, show authoritative professionalism, and improve public interest.  

Conversions Count

The fact is, the most important factor in the success of your business is not traffic; it is the quality of your traffic and the rate of conversion from visitor to customer. Let’s say that you are a manufacturer of world-class widgets with an amazing ecommerce widget website. You could have around bazillion visitors to your widget website but if no one buys any of your widgets, in a very short time, you will have to close the doors and say goodbye to your widget factory. No conversions equal no sales. The number of qualified visitors that you can convert into customers is of far greater value than the number of overall visitors. That is not to say that window shoppers do you no good. They count as traffic and may even return if you make an impression or offer something that they cannot find elsewhere, however; it is first or second visit conversions that   will make your business a success. This is but another classic example of how links should not be the main focus of your marketing efforts. While the right links can help you rank higher, you might want to check what you are ranking for in order to avoid a high bounce rate and irrelevant traffic to your website.  

Content Marketing

Many internet marketing services now define themselves as content marketing services. They really have not changed much, other than to shift the focus to where it always belonged – on good content. Why? Good quality content is of much more value to your potential clients. If you can engage, enlighten, or entertain your site visitors, you are providing them with value. If they find you via a specific search, rather than from an unrelated link, that means that they were looking for your information. They did not just happen to stumble upon it. The fact that they were looking means that they are now prequalified prospects. They want your information, whether that is to buy right now or to form an opinion for a future purchase depends upon where they are in the sales funnel. A qualified prospect is much easier to convert into a customer than a random visitor, provided you have quality content that establishes you as an expert in your field and sets you apart from the competition. If you get uninterested traffic, they aren’t going to be reading your content anyway. Therefore, good content – coupled with proper SEO – will produce visitors that are more qualified.  As a bonus… it can also have the effect of generating inbound links on its own. How?  

Shareable Content

Since top quality content is so valuable, it is always at a high premium. As other sites look to add value for their visitors, they will often link to related sites that can provide more information. If your content is unique and useful, it will be shared.   These are the types of links that will enhance your SEO efforts. Does that mean that you just create good content and sit back to watch the magic happen? You could, but you will leave a lot less to chance if you take the opportunity to make your content shareable.  A great way to accomplish this is by sharing your content on your own social media websites, making it easy for your circles to share it outwards with theirs. This can expand your reach exponentially. You can also engage in a selective campaign to solicit high quality links. You wouldn’t take a shotgun approach, you would specifically target reliable, related websites and kindly and professionally explain why they might want to link to you. If your content is really that good, you might be surprised at the favorable response. In essence, link building is important… but it should never be the primary factor, and should always be obtained through ethical means. This means original and informative content that provides value and lends itself to sharing.