Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) You should know

Do you remember that moment in the movie The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy suddenly realizes that she could have gone home to Auntie Em anytime she wished? All she had to do is believe it and click those ruby red shoes together. The look on her face was an overwhelming look of comforting realization. She made a complete conversion from a little girl with a desperate desire to go home, into a confident young woman who knows she can. That moment of conversion is what CRO is all about. Conversion Rate Optimization takes a person who is visiting your website and turns them into a customer.  

CRO Is the Art of Understanding

What is it that caused such a turnaround in Dorothy’s thinking? Conversion Rate Optimization is the art of understanding a group of people so that you know what needs to be done to make them react in a certain way. There are numerous methods that can be employed to create the conversion from visitor to customer. The trick is to cause this conversion without them being aware there was any outside influence used upon them. The fact is that there are numerous things going on at once, from the color of the website’s background to the bold titles with quotation marks. Conversion Rate Optimization is the rate at which you convert visitors into sales.  

Take the Air Out of Bouncing Traffic

A conversion-optimized website may require a complete redesign of a perfectly ordinary website. While the overall design might change completely, it is the small subtle changes that make all the difference in your conversion rate. A website with a big bounce rate would first need to address the reason visitors bounce or click away mere moments after entering. Once you understand what causes visitors to bounce from your particular site, you have them by the belt loop. It could be one or a dozen things that need to change to keep traffic still long enough to convert.  

Know Your Visitors to Create Sales

Knowing that the first thing a visitor will do is read the title of the article on your page before bouncing away 3.5 seconds after they arrive, you change your title so that it grabs the reader by the frontal lobe and gives them pause. The title that once read, “Brand X helps make dry lawns greener” now reads, “Shocking New Evidence Reveals How Brand X Brings Dry Lawns Back From The Dead.” You have just implemented a vital piece of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and caused the visitor to pause. The image over the article of a lush lawn has been replaced with a lush lawn with two cracked and gnarled hands emerging from the earth throwing a fright into a sunbathing woman. This is another small change in CRO.  

KeyWords-Videos-Images- Are All Points of CRO

One of the most compelling CRO changes you can make on that website would be the content of the article. The bouncing visitor who used the keyword “Dry Lawns” in a search engine because he or she is worried about their dry front lawn also loves zombie movies and pretty girls. The decision to stay and read the first paragraph has been made for them. Now that you have used these minor CRO devices to make them stay and read, it is time to hit them with expert information that is presented in an interesting, thought provoking way by a professional in the field. Once you learn what makes people tick, you can redesign your website to make them tick to a particular beat. Before you can do that, however, you have to realize that you need to understand what motivates the kind of people you have drawn to your website.  

The Mother of Conversion Is Realization

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. If this is true, then Conversion Rate Optimization is the child of two emotions. Someone felt the satisfaction of creating traffic to their business website only to become frustrated when they could not make people buy once they were there. Somewhere in between, he or she realized that the invisible wall that they kept walking into was not failure; it was the point of realization. The website needed to be redesigned with conversion of traffic in mind. They realized they could not give up there. Without conversion realization, Dorothy would have defeated her witch only to remain trapped, eventually settling down to raise baby scarecrows in a land where horses change color at the drop of a hat. Realization is the mother of Conversion.