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How Does Content Strengthen A Marketing Campaign?

When it comes to content, publishing a poor article can hurt your company’s reputation, and as a result, sales. A “cyber” first impression is not as easy as you might think, and is oftentimes overlooked. Many people are too easy on the trigger when posting their content and may not think twice of the possible outcome. High quality content can go a long way to help you build your reputation and increase your authority on the web. Poor quality content will do the exact opposite; it will drive your prospects away, straight to your competitors’ websites.

Good Content Increases Authority and Trust

75% of the searches done on Google are to obtain information with no intention to make a purchase. Most people want to learn before they shop, and shop before they buy. You can assist your prospect in finding what they are looking for by providing helpful content. This type of interaction will encourage people to trust you, and if you build enough trust and authority during the learning and the shopping process, there is a higher the chance that your website visitors will make the purchase with you and not with your competitors.

Content Fosters Brand Awareness

Published content under your company’s name should showcase who your company is and what you are good at. When done right, good quality content will help increase brand awareness across your entire network. By keeping a standard of high quality for your content, your brand name will be associated with quality, worthwhile writings. Moreover, good quality content doesn’t only help to increase awareness; it also helps to establish the previously mentioned authority and trust signals. Increasing brand awareness is not a simple task; it can only truly be done if your content is interesting to your prospect. While ongoing adverting serves as a billboard to stay in front of your clients, increasing brand awareness keeps your company in the back of your clients’ minds, just in case they need you. This is how strong it can be.

More Content from Your Site Increases Probability of More Traffic

Since each new page on your website will be indexed by the search engines, the content with your name on it is being published across the web. The more pages you have on your website or with your company name on it (like articles or press releases), the higher the chances are that people will find you instead of your competitors. That being said, a 50-page website is more likely to get more traffic than a 5-page website, and if the content is good enough your visitors might turn in to real clients. A company blog can be a great tool to support this mission.

Content Helps Build an Audience

What’s your favorite website, magazine, or TV channel? Have you ever asked yourself why you keep coming back? It’s likely because you like the content; whether it is in video or text form, the information presented to you interests you and draws you in. When you have enough content on and off your website it will help you reach those visitors who are interested in what you have to say, and they will stick around as long as you keep it interesting enough.