How to Do Keyword Research the Right Way

Demand, Sales, & Traffic

When creating the design and content for your website, the use of the correct keywords is what can make or break you. Simply put, a website creates demand, and therefore sales. In order for a website to succeed, the right keywords are needed in order to bring traffic to the site.   Sadly, for every well done, well researched web page out there, there are hundreds of others that are not getting the traffic they need because they haven’t correctly done keyword research.  

Keyword Research: the Right Way

Start with Keyword Research.   First, you need to think carefully about what kind of keywords you are going to choose. Words and phrases that are relevant to your products and business are essential. However, if you run an online jewellery store, for example, there might be hundreds of keywords that would be appropriate for your needs.  

Keyword Generator

Generally, your first stop on the road to relevant keywords would be to use a keyword generator, such as Google Ad-Words Keyword Tool, SpyFu, RankTracker etc. These tools will help to get a list of potential keywords for your page.  

High Search Volume | Small Competition

Afterwards, carefully select the keywords that have high search volume and small competition level. What are your best selling items? What do you have the most demand for? What are people looking for? Your answers to these questions are the words that should be kept on your list of potential keywords because they will include both what defines you as a business, and what customers want.   When you have narrowed down your possibilities  it is important to check the keywords‘ competitiveness. Performing a simple Google search using your chosen keywords will not only give you a valuable insight into what your competition is doing, but it will also tell you whether it is worth choosing a certain keyword or not. This type of search will give you a rough idea of which keywords are more competitive.  
Search terms that bring up around two million hits are generally considered to be the most desirable.
  On the other hand, you don’t want the number of results for a particular keyword to be too small. Low search volume for a keyword shows that it is a term that not many people are searching for. The key here is to find a balance between terms that are being searched for relatively frequently, and ones that don’t have too much competition. Search terms that bring up around two million hits are generally considered to be the most desirable.  

Integrate & Test

Once you have chosen your keywords, it is important to seamlessly integrate them into the content for your website to see how they fare on the Internet. If you are still not getting a desirable amount of traffic, it might be time to change your keywords. In fact, a good webmaster will constantly be on the lookout for new, better performing keywords to increase his site’s traffic.