Tips for Using Buzzstream to Maximize Your Outreach and Link Building Efforts

Outreach and Link Building with Buzzstream

If you are in the online marketing industry and haven’t heard of Buzzstream, get ready to feel like a kid at Christmas.  Buzzstream is very useful web-based software, that enables marketers to promote their content, products, and services in a cost and time-effective manner. Throw your old school spreadsheets in the trash. With Buzzstream, building solid relationships and creating buzz around a certain brand has never been easier. There are so many small details that may seem trivial in size, but for people who do outreach and link building on an almost daily basis, it saves hours of time, making us want to do a happy dance. Even features as simple as “send and go to next contact” for email outreach, takes out the hassle of having to go back and forth between pages. Among the new features constantly being added, are two main ways in which Buzzstream can simplify your daily assignments and take the headache out of outreach and link building:  

Supporting Your Link Building Strategies

Automated tools offered by Buzzstream give you the opportunity to spot and analyze link prospects and create and run successful campaigns.  



Allowing You to Benefit from a Truly Valuable PR & Social Media Tool

By utilizing Buzzstream, you can make the most of team-based premium software to create and maintain a fruitful relationship with the most important influencers in your field of activity and spread the word about your brand. From marketers to journalists, Buzzstream provides an exclusive blog post on how to do outreach and best practices for success. In a nutshell, people are pressed for time. You want to get straight to the point in your email templates. Be sincere. Be genuine. Offer to give something (not just take). These are the three biggest things you will want to keep in mind before pitching.



Using Buzzstream at the Office

In a few words, Buzzstream reduces your workload and enhances your productivity at the same time by offering you more than a few notable advantages, including the following:
  • Helps you build credibility in online environments by tracking relationships and researching new influencers
  • Supports your outreach efforts
  • Turns outreach campaign management into an easy, hassle-free task
  • Tracks contact info history including last time/date of contact, emails sent, relationship status and more
  • Allows you to create new projects and assignments for your teamwork
  • Lets you come up with email drag-and-drop templates and test run them against each other to find out which one has the best response rate
  • Lets you import lists of websites for convenience and stay organized by keeping contact info all in one place
  • Gives you the chance to check out some of the most relevant project details and create links, notes and emails based on this information

Tips on How to Explore Buzzstream’s Best Features to Reward Your Efforts

Circles with Numbers oneObtain Referrals to Connect with Other Influencers. Instead of working hard to establish a 1-on-1 relationship with a blogger who may write a positive review for one of your products, why wouldn’t you try to dust off your old networking practices? Try to make the most of warm invitations to connect with friends of your influencers. This is the simplest method to attain your goal and support your outreach efforts. By moving through different social circles you can place reviews and content. Circles with Numbers 2Find Brand Evangelists. You can easily get in touch will people who have already shown an interest in your products, brand or service and try to convert them into devoted brand evangelists. In this case, your objective is to create a win-win situation for you and your partners. Would they agree to become an affiliate? Would reciprocal guest posting be considered a major advantage and a way to consolidate your relationship? Linkers can be easily identified using tools like Ahrefs or Google Analytics. The rest is easy. Just make sure that your proposal can be cataloged as irresistible by the other party. Circles with Numbers 3Create Meaningful Content Addressing the Needs of Micro-Segments. Remember that people do not share content just because it’s awesome, but because it is an indicator of who they really are. Don’t forget to invest your resources in stellar content that evokes a powerful emotion.  Circles with Numbers 4Create Memorable Infographics That Could Sustain Your Link Building Efforts. Start by sharing your infographic with respectable newspapers and magazines that could be the first to broadcast your message. Infographics are a great conversation starter for outreach/link building efforts. They show you are serious and offer something of value.   Circles with Numbers 5Write Creative, Engaging Guest Posts to Build Influence and Create Long-Lasting Relationships. Don’t just create low-value guest posts to generate inbound links; instead, you should craft meaningful content with real substance.