Understanding How Prospects Find Your Business Is Powerful Knowledge

How do Prospects Find Your Website?

Once upon a time on an Internet far-far removed from today, if your website was found at all, it was found on a search engine. Today, that is no longer the case. There are so many ways of finding a website now and the number is increasing year by year. Knowing these tactics can improve your website’s visibility.  Here are a few of them: [custom_list style=”list-1″]
  • The Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Others
  • Local Search Engines: The Yellow Pages, Social Search, Yelp
  • Social Media: FaceBook, LinkedIn, Others
  • Video: YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Videos, Others
  • Creative Content Distribution: News Publishing Websites, Article Websites, Blogs, Many Others
  • Infographics

The Search Engines

Pretty much everyone knows how to use a search engine. You type what you are looking for and Google or Yahoo gives you a list based on how you worded your request. The trick to being found on search engines will depend upon how well your website is search engine optimized. It also depends upon the words in the search. Known as keywords, search engines pull a list of websites that optimize with the keywords used in the search and presents in order of rank. Your rank depends largely on original content and diversified backlinks leading to well-ranked websites.

Local Search Engines

In order to be found on local search engines, you should register with Google Maps and Google Places as they will then automatically feed your website to the local search engines that depend on the big names. There are local directories to which you can sign up as well.

Social Media

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To be found in Social Media means being involved in social media. You may already have a Facebook page. Do you also have a Facebook Business Fan Page? The business pages in Facebook that are original, and have a ton of information in them can become popular fairly quickly. This helps as Facebook automatically links you into Google’s search engine. Link your business page to your blog and populate it with interesting content to help grow your popularity.

A Growing Social Scene

There are numerous Social Media websites and the number seems to grow every day. LinkedIn is another website that is popular with the search engines. It is easy to optimize and becoming involved in groups can help improve your visibility within a search in LinkedIn and the major search engine results. Include content that is up to date or extremely useful in everyday life. Aim your appeal at the groups in Social Media who would most benefit from it. Make your website more exciting, informative, and fun to be a part of for more exposure. You can increase your website’s visibility, allowing it to be found online with increased frequency if you use your imagination and offer a valuable service. Move forward with a positive and fun strategy. Continue to post new content on Social Media every chance you get.

Videos can be Fun and Educational

Adding videos to your website increases its popularity if it is a good, informative, or funny video. Posting educational videos on gardening if you are a florist or on writing if you sell books will also help people find you. Follow big corporation’s lead and open a Branded channel of your own and either teach, or entertain, or both. Keep in mind that YouTube is not the only game in town but it is owned by Google, the biggest search engine in town.

Always Socialize Your Efforts

The most important part of using any of these tactics to join in the “Find Me” game is to go Social Media with each. Tell your Social Media friends about your posts, videos, and everything that you do. Posting in Social Media is one of the most effective ways to get yourself noticed because you are dealing with live people that love to promote the things that they enjoy. Have your friends share your post with their friends… and so on.

Creative Content Blogs and Articles

Everyone enjoys a good blog, an informative article, or an entertaining game website. This is another great place to get your website noticed. It is also a good place to get search engines involved with you through a variety of backlinks. If you have a quality website, do not be afraid to approach other quality websites about exchanging links or guest blogging. Educational articles are accepted by many information websites. They may allow one or two links either in the body of work or the resource box below the article if it is informative and well written. Stay away from article submission websites that mill out a multitude of poorly written articles. They are frowned upon by the search engines at large.

Info plus Graphics Could Equal Viral

Infographics or Information in a graphic, are graphic, one-page presentations with information combined with interesting or clever graphic images. They are becoming all the rage and the really interesting ones go viral. Going viral happens when someone finds an extremely interesting infographic and posts it to their FaceBook page or other Social Media website where others see it and do the same. Soon, it travels the world over and millions of views are attributed to it. Even if your infographic does not go viral, it may be seen by many people, leading them right back to your website.

Go Be Seen

These are a few of the interesting and fun ways that people find websites on the internet today. They say knowledge is power. If so, you now have the power to get your website in front of many more potential customers. Remember to go social with every step you take as that will pay dividends. Add buttons that link to social media websites on everything you post in your website and blog.