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Strong Content Marketing Encourages SalesUsing content to enhance the marketing performance of your eCommerce website is an excellent strategy that makes a lot of sense right now. First there was Panda, Google’s pet algorithm telling us to shape up our content. Now it seems they were right; 57% of the online sales can be directly traced to content. This staggering figure was taken from Altimeter Research Group’s report,  “Organizing for Content, models to incorporate Content Strategies and Content Marketing in the Enterprise,” that was released earlier this week.Content Marketing Has Many FacesTheSEE DETAILS



Do you remember that moment in the movie The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy suddenly realizes that she could have gone home to Auntie Em anytime she wished? All she had to do is believe it and click those ruby red shoes together. The look on her face was an overwhelming look of comforting realization. She made a complete conversion from a little girl with a desperate desire to go home, into a confident young woman who knows she can. That moment of conversion is what CRO is all about.SEE DETAILS