Over 60% of  All PPC Ad Spend is Wasted!

We typically uncover 35% or more wasted spend that is keyword and ad-related. Additionally, click fraud and bot-blocking companies report between 15% and 25% fake/bot traffic. When combined, this represents approximately 60% of wasted spend in most accounts we onboard -- We can fix this!

20 Years
of PPC Management

We are obsessed with making our clients successful through innovative optimization techniques, proprietary tools we have developed, and the data warehouse we have built over the years, which is not available to anyone else.

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Smart 10x Analysis

PPC managers spend 40-60% of their time on repetitive analysis. We've developed software to handle those tasks, doubling the time we dedicate to your account for deep analysis, strategizing, and making changes.

Multi-Layer Optimization

We are one of the few companies that implement multi-layered analysis, incorporating a team to work on your account rather than relying on a single dedicated manager. This, of course, has an unparalleled impact on results.

ML-A/B Testing

We don't stop at simple A/B testing; instead, we incorporate machine learning techniques, feeding the analysis process with newly incoming conversion data to better optimize your account and improve ROAS.

Realtime Reporting

We provide data on exactly what matters to you: calls, leads, acquisitions. Data is pulled directly from your ad account and CRM without any manipulation. We offer transparency, and you retain ownership of all accounts.

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Retain full control and engage with low risk

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Keep ownership and access

Some agencies keep clients away from ad data primarily to avoid questions about strategy. We don't. Your account, your data, your assets, and you pay Google/Bing directly, not us.

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Month-to-month terms

No long-term contracts! We're committed to consistently demonstrating the value of your investment month after month. Our track record includes satisfied clients who have been with us for over 10 years, attesting to the quality of our work and the lasting partnerships we've cultivated with businesses we serve.

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Our partners

In addition to the in-house tools we develop, we partner with top-rated SaaS providers in the industry. These are some of the services we use to deploy a better strategy that relies on more accurate data, sophisticated tracking, and performance visualization, all at the disposal of your PPC team at WebDS.

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Who we are?

Dynamic Search (AKA WebDS) is a Phoenix, AZ-based web marketing agency founded in 2010. After exceeding our own expectations with multiple ventures from 2003 to 2010, we decided to create a dedicated entity to help other companies succeed using our knowledge and skills. WebDS is part of a group of companies specializing in online marketing, led by a team with backgrounds in marketing and engineering.

About our firm

Why work with us?

Here are some of the results we deliver to our clients. These are the average KPI improvements across all accounts during the first 90 days.


cost per click


Click through rate


cost per lead


cost per acquisition

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How else can we help your business grow?

We specialize in full-service PPC management. However, we also provide other standalone services to help you achieve your marketing goals. For our PPC management clients, much of what we offer is available at their disposal at no additional cost, unless it falls outside the scope of the agreed-upon work.

Landing Page / Website Design

PPC Consulting
(one time / ongoing)

Local Web Marketing & GMB Management


Just need PPC consulting? No problem!

We offer one-time or ongoing PPC consulting at a fraction of the cost of full-service PPC management. We can assist your team regularly, guiding them in the right direction, and being available to answer any questions to improve the performance of your account.


This is what our clients say about us...

Working with Asher has been an outstanding experience. Asher and his talented team have made themselves available whenever we’ve needed them. Asher has become more than just a “vendor” to my Firm; he’s an integral part of our marketing team. I recommend Asher without hesitation.

Darren Kavinoky
Founder - 1800NoCuffs

We engaged with Asher to conduct an in-depth PPC analysis. Asher was very easy to work with and sought to understand our goals. He provided us with detailed reports, timely communication, and concise and actionable recommendations that have been very helpful for our operation.

Klaus Schwegler
Marketing Manager - Cisco

I worked with Asher at PPC.me (Dynamic Search) for years.  Asher provides the best customer service and subject matter knowledge.  If you are looking for a new a company to handle your pay per click on Google Ads, Bing or both then Asher is your answer.

Byron Browne
Owner - Browne Law

Asher's approach to web marketing is unparalleled. Our collaboration was smooth, and he guided us to our goals effortlessly. My heartfelt thanks to him. Anyone seeking a top-tier web marketing pay per click or website design need look no further.

Dr. Joel Cohen
Owner - ENT & Allergy

Asher has great knowledge of network marketing, creative website design, video production and more. He is easy to work with and responds quickly to questions and problems. Asher is a steady light to guide this blend of computer science and love for the human journey of health and healing.

Dr. Ronald Peters
Owner - Mindbody Med

Asher and his team took our PPC landing pages to the next level. He made the process easy guiding us every step of the way and delivered as promised on time and within budget. If you are looking for PPC, I highly recommend the team at PPC.me

Marshall Harden
CEO - Building The Best

I approached Asher to assist us with traffic recovery. The engagement with him to improve our operation was smooth and he delivered what was promised -- on time! I found the experience to be above expectations. I would happily recommend Asher to anyone.

Mark Zoke
CEO - SaltWorks

Asher's professionalism is evident, and I'm truly grateful for his contributions. He worked on our website and also managed some marketing, both of which have brought us closer to our goals. I recommend Asher Elran to any attorney in need of a trustworthy expert in the web marketing space.

Robin Sax
Owner - Robin Sax Law

Dynamic Search's immense help was the best I have seen in the industry to date. With many upcoming big plans, I feel secure and confident that Asher and his great team will be involved with my ongoing journey and future endeavors.

Bruce Cullen
Owner - eProvided

I have nothing but praise for Dynamic Search and the amazing work they do. Unlike most one-dimensional web marketing firms, Dynamic Search attacks from every angle. They start with a very thorough blueprint plan, which includes everything needed to help acquire more customer.

Dan Shank
Founder - Catalyst Design

Working with Asher was incredible. He was able to identify all of the issues involved in improving my overall campaign performance utilizing the vast amount of data we had. Always happy to recommend him.


Seth Grossman
CEO - Essential Watches

We had a great relationship with Asher and he did a great job driving paid traffic to our websites. I owned and operated the Christian Singles website. I sold the company and now I'm a CEO at Strictly Investments. In the not too distant future I will be coming back to him with multiple website projects.

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Jesse Wright
Owner - Christian Singles

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Frequently asked questions

PPC Management Service? – look no further. I've been delivering results to clients since 2004, increasing their bottom line and saving them money.

What level of communication and support can I expect ?

We prioritize clear and consistent communication with our clients. You can expect periodic updates, and you will be provided with a link to real-time reporting that pulls information directly from the ad provider's API. Additionally, we are available to address any questions or concerns you may have via multiple communication channels, including a direct phone number where an actual human answers 7 days a week.

What reporting and analytics do you provide to clients?

You will be provided with a link to a monthly report and a real-time dashboard, enabling you to review your account anytime, anywhere. You can request to include or exclude specific data, and we will make the adjustments accordingly. The report includes key metrics that are essential for you to understand the current performance and trends, avoiding confusing jargon or acronyms. Additionally, the data in our reports is pulled directly from the ads provider's API without any adjustments or manipulation.

Are there any hidden or additional costs I should be aware of?

Our pricing is transparent, and there are no hidden costs whatsoever. You pay ad vendors such as Google/Bing or mention listing such as BrightLocal directly, and you pay Dynamic Search for account management. All other expenses associated with managing your campaign, including design, coding, tools, admin, security, and content (excluding video production), are all included.

How do you track and measure the success of my campaigns?

If you have an intake software with a CRM in place, properly integrated, we can measure and optimize based on acquisitions. Actual closings are the most accurate metric for assessing success. However, in some cases, due to cross-channel attribution issues resulting from inaccurate tracking, we rely on the second best metric, which is qualified leads. Both options provide nearly the same indication of return, although the latter would require periodic manual counting of closings in order to calculate actual ROI.

How do you address issues such as click fraud or security issues?

We address click fraud and security through a combination of monitoring, click quality filters, IP blocking, and industry best practices. Utilizing advanced tools, we filter out suspicious activity and proactively minimize the impact of fraudulent clicks from bots and competitors. Our vigilant approach ensures the integrity of your campaigns while maximizing your budget where it is needed the most.

Will I have a dedicated account manager or point of contact for any questions or concerns?

Every account is assigned a dedicated account manager along with a second person overseeing the work done. Our clients have direct contact person and we closely monitor every aspect of the account. You can reach out to us anytime via phone, text, or email.

What measures do you take to ensure our campaigns comply with policies and guidelines?

Every industry has its set of guidelines and policies, in addition to those provided by the ad providers. We continuously educate ourselves on behalf of our clients and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. Rest assured that we are vigilant in monitoring anything that could affect the performance and business integrity related to the ads we run. If any issues arise, we will be the first to know and take appropriate action.