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a web marketing agency with focus on paid ads serving both large corporations and small start-up companies on a global scale.

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Dynamic Search (WebDS.com) is located in Phoenix, AZ, United States. Over the past 20+ years, we've been involved in the industry's evolution and played a role in shaping it through innovation and research. Paid ads are our passion, and helping our clients become successful is our obsession.

Our primary focus is PPC, serving businesses and other paid advertising agencies, but we also provide other services such as local web marketing, web design, and web consulting. We bring to the table seniority and a long track record of success, which is reflected in our clients' ad campaign results.

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Keep all the keys to your accounts and have access to all your data. Unlike other agencies, our clients own all ad account assets. Our reports mirror real-time statistics with no manual manipulation. The results are real and reflect the actual state of your account—no hidden data, no ad account held hostage!

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With 20+ years in web marketing and a long track record of success, we are confident that we can do the job and do it well. We never ask our clients to sign long-term agreements. All work we do is either hourly-based or a month-to-month relationship. Yet, we have clients who have been with us for 10+ years.

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We are Google's certified partners and have been involved in shaping the paid ad industry, contributing with innovations, and catering to all industries, including training and consulting for other PPC agencies around the world. We are rated A+ on BBB and bring to the table both marketing and engineering experience.

The proof is in the results...

Most of our clients experience a significant improvement in CTR and CPC within about 14 days. Over the next 10 weeks, our clients' ad accounts begin to demonstrate cost reductions in both CPL and CPA. This trend continues until we achieve the desired balance, ensuring maximum relevant traffic at minimal cost. Our strategy is not a secret and is rather published in a book we wrote in 2016 called "Unlocking PPC." However, it requires dedicated close monitoring, a deep understanding of PPC, and technical expertise to make everything work seamlessly in terms of optimization, data collection and reporting.

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See result in 14 days or less

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Get +25% more lead in 90 days

Our clients success is our obsession!

We delve into the cracks and crevices to help perfect our clients' lead generation machine. We guide our clients in the right direction and do whatever it takes to build and optimize a marketing operation that works in harmony with all other channels, achieving dialed-in tracking. We continuously work to improve our processes, passing on the value of our experience backed by the best minds in the industry.

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